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Day One Point Five

I may have lied.

Perhaps I can’t just blog without the aid of sobriety. Perhaps I should also examine the effects of the following day. I can assure you, it is the next day, and I am sober. My cat is making muffins on my lap and drooling slightly and purring because he knows my cells are shriveled with dehydration and that my head wants to shut down and go back to bed.

Oh the next day.

You know, the next day, the following day, the morning after – it should all be illegal really. Anything which causes a person pain ought to be illegal. Isn’t that why domestic violence is illegal? Meth? Hitting people with your car? They’re all illegal because they cause someone pain – so why not make the day after a night of drinking illegal? They should just ban it, take it off the calendar or something or other.

The morning after indeed!

I’m not in that much pain. Just wanting a cup of tea and tired and whining because I don’t want to go to work in an hour. Poor me – I have to get up and go to work by 10:45 in the morning. Such a trying life I lead!

I’ve always said I’ve lived a charmed life. Grew up in the right neighborhood, went to school where there were no bullies, lived in a town that was once rated the 4th safest place to raise a family (I believe since then it has upgraded to second) in the United States.

Now I am part owner in a video production company, manager at a really amazing coffee shop that has a Japanese-style garden in the back with dramatic hills whose leaves are currently frosting the accents of it with yellows and oranges. I have a duel citizenship, which grants me the right to live anywhere that the Queen of England has say. Truly, a charmed life.

So I sit and grumble here in this fancy leather chair that is my boyfriend’s, on his computer that has been blessed with coming out earlier than Windows 8, and complain because I don’t have enough time to make and drink my cup of tea before I have to dash off to my charmed work experience. My tummy might be rumbling as well.

Do you know how last night started? I was watching an amazing British comedy, Black Books, and tarnation but they do make me want to drink some beautiful red wine. But no, all out. There was some hard cider in the fridge, but that wasn’t wine. It didn’t hold the same glass as a bottle of red did, and it’s cold too (I really don’t like cold things).

Just to put my yearnings to rest, I decided to peek inside the alcohol cupboard to assure myself that there was no wine to be had.

But as we already know, I was wrong.

In fact, I was so wrong – there were two half bottles of red and three unopened ones.


And since I had been tossing this idea of an inebriated blog around in my head during the evening, I realized that this must be a sign. I of course would show some restraint since I have to work today, and only consume one two of the already half consumed bottles (Amendment: After originally writing this entry, I ventured downstairs to the kitchen, I found another empty bottle….So two half bottles of wine were sloshed away).

But there you have it. I have my red wine consumption for the days, that which should keep my heart nice and healthy on top of all the chia and hemp seeds I add to most of my dishes, all the vegetables that release their vitamins and minerals in my body as they are processed after mastication, and never mind the rive that just has a pleasant texture. My diet is good, my red wine consumption is good – the only thing I am missing is yoga and meditation. Getting there, though.

I heard tell we are meant to have a girl’s night tonight. I had a reason I wanted to dye my hair black, though I can’t remember what it is. But tonight, there will be girls (and my boyfriend), wine, and hair dye. This can get messy on many levels.

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