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Halloween and birthday

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The Break – Almost

I so nearly nearly broke. After the day I had – and then He had the  – and he left it! It was so close, so very close. Why who and stuff.

Ok, starting again.

In former entries I had mentioned, I am in the secret attempts at being vegan.  I have been at this for…a month and two days – and done well! I have had a couple accidental slip-ups, things I thought wouldn’t have dairy in them that turns out later did (crackers). But I haven’t really had a craving.

Except today. Today was pretty stressful, and my boyfriend had made mac and cheese last night at work – the good organic, whole wheat, as-natural-as-can-be-given-it-all-is-coming-from-a-box cheese, bringing the left overs home.

In the olden days, you know, the ones before the vegan times, I would put a can of tuna in there, sprinkle it with a healthy pinch of dill, and add broccoli, bok choy, fresh green beans – whatever was green and not canned – to make a healthy and beautiful cheesy meal.

I have a macaroni and cheese problem, really. Well, had. I am not the fondest of the imitation cheese with the exception of almond cheese, though it doesn’t melt properly. So it’s not something I indulge in these days.

But coming home today, after the stress of the silliness at work, knowing Toby was going to dash to Seattle tonight, and that tupperwear of cheesy goodness staring at me in the fridge, crying out to me through the fridge door – I nearly gave in.

I thought, “Just once. No one has to know, and it would just be the once. I could live with myself, surely!”

NO! That’s a bad Nicola! and my brain – and I kid you not, swear it to be true – reached it’s pinky mass out my ear, and extended in front of me, and actually slapped me! Can you believe it?! My own brain, slapping me across the face! The cheek of it!

After I came to my senses, collected myself, I reminded myself that the cheese was only whispering to me, and really it was whispering to Toby, I just misunderstood the direction of the whisper. Silly me! So I opted for for some pasta and pesto sauce instead.



Now, a word about this wine….


Yeah, that’s the one. It came in its own glass….



I was a little concerned, though in all actuality, when I had been to the cinema last time I was in wales, I saw gin and tonics fashioned this way, so really it wasn’t too shocking. After giving it a moment to breath, and grumbling that it was not quite at room temp since it’s so bloody cold in here, that anything sitting out will be considered chilled…..


Well, I’m still typing any way, so it can’t be lethal.

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This is the reason my job is stressful.

There has been no systems in place which allow for us to keep track of daily sales, what of those sales have been on consignment, what was card, and so on. So we invested in Registroid. Registroid is a program which will do all of that for us. It’s basically an updated register on a Tablet. 

Which is all well and good if people are actually counting the till at the end of the night and making sure it matches up with the Registroid totals. 

It has been like pulling teeth to get the staff to count the till down to $100 at night, put the profit in an envelope and put it in the right place, and write on the front of the envelope how much was made, and so on. First people were complaining about having to count the change in the till, that there was too much. Then no one wanted to write on the envelope in the format that I needed it to be in. 

Then to see how the weeks were doing, I started having every one fill out daily log sheet, which also involved them counting the till when they come onto shift, and recording it in the daily log, and counting it when they finish their shift, and recording the amount. Still trying to get folks to do that. It’s been in place for over a month, and still we are having problems getting staff to do it. 

Now, I am going over all of the numbers that we have collected over the last month, and many figures that were recorded for the end of day till count are less than what Registroid says we made in cash.  Sometimes significantly.

Of course I can go back through the log book, see who closed on those days and see if it happens frequently with that particular staff, and so on – except two of the three owners of this place have been known to take money from the till and not leave a note saying so, not replace it, not telling any one. Or perhaps they will replace it, but on a different day and without a note, and so then the till is significantly over. 

How do I get this in line when even the owners don’t want to follow the systems I have been working hard to get in place so the IRS doesn’t beat us with mallets, or so that we are not 100% sunk to the bottom of the financial ocean!

So now I retreat to the atrium to have a bowl to smoke. A calm the Bugger down bowl.

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Finding the Balance

I smoked a couple times at work today. It was nice. I think I found a good compromise, if only I knew the strain I indulged in. Either way, I managed to find a buzz, which I am currently riding, has allowed me to have a business meeting, done scheduling for the upcoming week, design a new scheduling format for the winter hours, and sent a novel of an email out to all my co-workers and staff explaining complicated new cash-cap plans and the alteration of work hours, along with a few other tips. 

Really, introducing a Cash Cap as well as cutting hours – I don’t need to worry about firing people. They’ll just quit. Not that I want many of them to quit, or be fired, but it give some motivation for productivity when they know their job isn’t 100% secure. 

I seem to get mean when I smoke. Damn, my staff are going to hate me tomorrow. 

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The Cannabis. For the Anxiety

Before Proceeding, Here is a chance to gain some education, which you may or may not have already acquired.

Medical Cannabis has been proclaimed by many that it is one of the most medicinal plants that we know of. I don’t know how to true this is, as there is so much controversy surrounding it. I do however know that most of the time there is some one with deep pockets funding cannabis research and releasing false data, usually some one with a hand in the pharmaceutical business pie.  What I do know, I know from my own first hand experience, that it has calmed my nausea, and when I have been in near hysterics it has calmed me down and provoked a joking and giggling manner from me about whatever situation was causing me to blow up. Though, if you want some more information:

I think that cannabis has to be more a part of my daily routine. I just have to find that happy medium where I can be functionable, yet calm.

I love my job, and I love being manager – is that bad to say? But there is so much – other – (Holy crap, I some how made the screen get smaller by pressing Ctr and something else, but I don’t know what the something else was. How on earth did I do that???) – that is a part of this coffee house, that I can’t quite get into, though I’d really like to, especially as we’re considering making a documented show about the going-ons here. Anyway! The Other that goes on here can really stress me out from time to time, and I need to find a natural way of dealing with that stress.

The ironic thing is that I quit my last job to come to this job because it was soooo relaxing! I found out later that the location of this place is actually in an energetic vortex, where lay-lines cross. We are visibly invisible, which can be good and bad. But the energy is neutral until other energies are introduced to it, and beautiful energies were about when I first stated working here.

I’m not the only one who began working here for need of sanctuary. But things are getting tenser, and part of that is the change in management – me. Because I am working hard to make this place succeed, what once was the sleepy coffee shop where staff would do yoga in the gardens during slow times and sneak off to smoke a cheeky, though encouraged, bowl in the bamboo grove (That’s right, we have a bamboo grove), and could get away with reading or playing video games during opening hours. Imagine the outrage when I came along and started saying that people should be cleaning, working on improvements to the place and so on! The audacity that I have portrayed on my part! How very dare I?!

It’s common for folks to no call, no show – but heaven forbid we fire any one. We cannot do that. So I am at my wits end – if folks know their job is safe, then how do we inspire them to work? I agree threatening is not the way to go about things, but simply asking and reminding them that we all have the same goal, are here for the same reason, and believe in the same cause – has not been effective. Making lists of things to be accomplished each shift, week, and month – has not been effective. Positive re-enforcement has not been effective. Communication logs which help people to communicate between shifts, get things off their chests, share fun stories, whatever – have not been effective.

So now I am the bitch that is going to threaten people that if they don’t no call, no show, then they don’t get put on the schedule the following week.

And as a result, I am stressed. This is just the tiniest of fractions as to my stress. There is so much more. So, I need to figure out the happy medium way of consuming cannabis so that my stress levels go down, but I can be functionable throughout the day.

My co-worker, who has her green card and been to a dispensary or two, loves these honey sticks that Evergreen Herbal put out. She tells me to just have on in my tea, keep the whole tube in my tea, and just keep stirring it and sipping at it through the day, that it helps her a lot (She should know, she has far more on her plate than I do. Between the two of us we are trying to keep a boat a float that is made out puzzle pieces, a great many of which are missing)

Although, I do happen to know that there is in fact a beautiful bud sitting in the office at the moment, and I could certainly find a means of making that into something I inhale…Or I could just wait until my boyfriend arrives and puff on one of his pens (Those fabulous O. Pen Vapes I have mentioned previously).

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Five forty Five – In the morning!

Perhaps this isn’t the wises decision, this blog. After all, it encourages me to alter my mental state simply so I can apply letters to a screen. Having said that, isn’t that how all great writers do it?

I woke up painfully thirsty during the night, several times. I recall downing a bottle of water, and generally, I’m arrogant enough that I don’t need much water to sooth my thirsts. But last night I just couldn’t quench it. And what’s more, it was too cold in the house to get out of bed and get something to drink. 

Perhaps I shouldn’t focus so much on the drinking to write. I would point fingers at Hunter S Thompson, but he was drunk as much as he was anything else. 

And that’s not to say I became drunk last night, but rather went into the movie theater with a couple mini bottles of wine – and, I might add, got carded when buying my movie ticket to Carrie. I’m 26 years old! I only half the time get carded for alcohol. And Toby, my boyfriend, and a full beard that is several inches long! They really thought we were under 17??

Bird rant – bird rant.

I don’t know how people those that are hooked on the drink manage. Wow, charming me for stating such! My apologies.

But what I mean is that I can’t do it all the time, day in and day out. In the three or four days since I’ve started this? I’ve neglected the dishes, my cooking, the house – though in all fairness, part of that is due to exhaustion. I know I am just the manager at a coffee shop, but there truly is a lot more to it, that I’m not sure I’m ready to get into on something so public. One day perhaps. 

I’m supposed to be cleaning at the moment. I got up at 5:45 so I could do so. I have to leave in an hour to pick my brother up, and be productive and the like. Maybe even go crazy and buy some groceries. I am also having my boss over for dinner tonight. He’s more friend than boss, but I find giving people titles as to where they stand otherwise in my life also allows for other people to make connections as to whose who. I’m sure that made sense somewhere. 

Blast. My cat is attacking my lap with a nap. I’d better stop him before I lose all sense of productivity for the morning.

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